Perseverance and patience help resolve a little bad luck

One of our insurance customers called us on behalf of his client; it turns out she was his wife. With their child in the car, she had gone off an icy road and needed towing.

They were safe but stranded. We arranged for a tow truck and then for a taxi to take them both home. Hours later, the same tow company contacted us, requesting a taxi for the same customer who had called in earlier about his wife. He’d been going to pick her up because the taxi was taking too long due to heavy traffic, snow and ice. On his way there he too skidded off the road and needed to be towed! At that moment, his wife and child had just stepped into their taxi! When the wife heard about her husband’s predicament, she sent her child home in the taxi and waited with the towing company. 

We were very happy to learn that this day of bad luck and damaged automobiles had ended well and that the two parents had finally made it back together to be reunited with their child!