Merciless weather; skillfull, caring people

It was the middle of winter, and our customer’s vehicle had fallen from a bridge to the edge of a river. The car’s front half was trapped under ice and mud. The situation was critical because the ice was breaking, and pulling the car in deeper under the water; and it was hard to reach, with many trees and steep embankments blocking the way.

As part of the onsite rescue team, we realised that we could not do this alone, and requested more personnel and emergency vehicles. With the help of a wrecking truck equipped with ropes and chains, ice breaking and mud shovels, and two other heavy duty vehicles, the rescue took over 3 hours. We finally succeeded in pulling the car and its occupants to safety. Anxious and relieved, there was a huge burst of applause as emotions were running strong.

Along with our gold certified partners, we won new acclaim that day in China as the service people you can count on for help when you’re in big trouble.