Abdominal infection could have been fatal

Two of our customers were on the Turkish Riviera for a 3-week perfect holiday. However, three days after they arrived, the 56-year old man had acute abdominal pain. The hotel physician prescribed pills that had no effect. When her husband’s fever spiked, his wife called us. They had taken out a travel policy at the last minute! We arranged for our customer to be taken to a nearby private hospital. The diagnosis? A severe, life-threatening infection in the upper abdomen.

He needed an emergency blood type A transfusion, but the hospital did not have it. We transferred him to Antalya’s University Hospital where he spent two days in intensive care. Finally, we got a call at midnight - the blood type had been found, so we immediately expedited it to the hospital in Antalya. The transfusion was successful and we repatriated our customer to Munich, alive and well and grateful to have had us by his side, watching out for him.