Mondial Assistance to move to Allianz brand in Asia Pacific in 2011

Asia Pacific Regional Director of Mondial Assistance, Peter Edwards, said the company had been part of the Allianz Group for 10 years and the move was part of a global brand migration to leverage continued growth from the strength and reach of the Allianz brand.

He said China was the first of Mondial Assistance’s subsidiaries to rebrand to Allianz Global Assistance with the brand roll-out in China completed in late February.

“Our operations in Australia, India, Thailand and Singapore will move to Allianz Global Assistance in 2011 while the global rebrand will continue until the end of 2012,” he said.

“We have strong ambitions for our continued growth in Asia Pacific. As an assistance company, we have a unique and valuable offering in connecting people in need with people who can help: whether that is roadside, travel, emergency medical or home assistance.

“We know the combination of that unique assistance offer with the brand recognition that is inherent in the Allianz brand will allow us to achieve our ambitions in shorter time frames.”
Mr Edwards said Mondial Assistance is an assistance company with an established reputation in the business-to-business sector.

“As Allianz Global Assistance, we will continue to focus on enhancing the business of our partners and the brand experience of their customers.

“Our existing business relationships of course remain our first priority—that is why each subsidiary is setting its own pace for the rebrand.

“For our company, Allianz’s strong consumer brand will support our continued growth and extend our reach.

“For Allianz, having an assistance company sharing the Allianz brand name will support their strategy of creating a new kind of dialogue with customers, building trust and reinforcing Allianz’s engagement towards customers,” Mr Edwards said.