Annual Reports

Annual Reports

  • Allianz Global Assistance - 2011 Annual Report download


    Allianz Global Assistance announced its financial results for the year 2011 and confirmed its ambitions for the next three years. For the first time, global turnover exceeded 2 billion Euros (2.054 billion Euros), representing an increase of 8.5% over 2010. All geographic regions and the Group’s three lines of business, Automotive, Travel and Health & Home, contributed to growth in 2011.

    Annual Report 2011 - Interactive version
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    Allianz Global Assistance - 2010 Annual Report download


    With a consolidated turnover of 1.892 billion Euros, Allianz Global Assistance reports 13.1% growth in 2010 compared to 2009 (1.673 billion Euros). A 16.9% increase in net profit, or 67.2 million Euros, accompanied revenue growth. A stable, year-over-year Combined Ratio of 95.8% demonstrates satisfactory technical profitability.

    Annual Report 2010 - Interactive version
    Annual Report 2010 - PDF version


    Mondial Assistance - 2009 Annual Report download


    Mondial Assistance has published its financial results for the 2009 financial year. With a total turnover of 1.673 billion Euros, the world leader experienced 4.8% growth, that is 5.4% growth at a constant exchange rate. Net returns for the financial year were 56 million Euros. In a context made more difficult by the global economic crisis and an increase in claims, Mondial Assistance was able to pursue its profitable growth thanks to its Innovation strategy and the involvement and dedication of its 10,231 staff members, present in 28 countries. The group responded to more than 42 million telephone calls and handled more than 15 million files across all continents.


    Mondial Assistance - 2008 Annual Report download


    Mondial Assistance has published its financial results for the fiscal year 2008 and reports sales of 1.597 billion Euros, an increase of 8.6% at a constant exchange rate over the 2007 sales figure. In a continuation of previous fiscal years, Mondial Assistance pursued its dynamic strategy and profitable growth with a net profit of 62.6 million Euros, or an increase of 9.6%. This profitable growth, the result of a firm risk control policy, translates into a combined ratio of 94.9, or a 0.2 decrease compared to 2007. The Group’s 9,817 staff members, present in 28 countries, treated a record number of 13.5 million files, or an average of 1 file every 2 seconds throughout 2008.


    Mondial Assistance - 2007 Annual Report download


    Mondial Assistance Group, international leader in travel insurance and assistance, has announced its financial results for 2007. Turnover exceeds 1.5 billion Euros (1.523 billion €) with 11.5% growth. Net profit reached 52.5 million Euros with a combined ratio of 95.6%. During the year, more than 9,000 staff members belonging to Mondial Assistance across 28 countries treated more than 10.5 million files.


    Mondial Assistance - 2006 Annual Report download


    Mondial Assistance Group, international leader in travel insurance and assistance, announced its financial results and the evolution of its activity for 2006. With a turnover of 1.366 billion Euros, the Group’s activity increased by 12% worldwide. The Group’s operating result increased by 31% to 63.5 million Euros. Group net profit increased by 17% (55.9 million Euros). Lastly, the combined ratio improved from 95.8% in 2005 to 95.2% in 2006. Mondial Assistance Group is continuing and accelerating the profitable growth that it has experienced in the last few years.


    Mondial Assistance - Annual Report 2005


    Mondial Assistance Group, international leader in travel insurance and assistance, announced its results for 2005. With an 11% increase in turnover and a 107% increase in net result, Mondial Assistance Group continued in 2005 to pursue its dynamic strategy of profitable growth. Since its creation in 2000, Mondial Assistance Group has achieved a compound annual growth rate in turnover of 8.7%. In 2005, the Group recorded sales of 1.221 billion Euros, an increase of 11% compared to 2004. This increase, achieved without any major changes to its business plan, reflects the Group’s commercial dynamism, continued evolution of its traditional activities and investment in new sectors.


    Mondial Assistance - Annual Report 2004


    In a recovering tourist industry and despite continued uncertainty in the economy, our Group posted a healthy +10.5% increase in turnover to reach 1.1 billion euros, and an 84% increase in operational results. We implemented a dynamic commercial strategy throughout the year, which led to sales growth in both mature and emerging markets in two of our core business activities - travel insurance and assistance. Thanks to our ongoing claims control and cost containment policies, Group profitability posted a +48% increase to attain 23.1 million euros.


    Mondial Assistance - 2003 Annual Report download


    Mondial Assistance Group, the world leader in travel insurance and assistance, reports good results for 2003 in spite of an uncertain international environment. Sales reached 995.5 million Euros, sales growth was recorded at 3 per cent and Group net profit after tax was 15.6 million Euros.