Corporate assistance

Corporate assistance

Are you taking care of your best assets, you employees?

Everyday your employees are travelling the world representing your business, and there is an increasing importance attached to the duty of care of employers around the world. In the fast moving world of business it is reassuring to know that world's largest assistance provider is only a phone call away.

Allianz Global Assistance is the world leader in its field due to our commitment to quality service delivery. As a B2B2C provider with no competing retail identity, our fortunes are inextricably linked to those of our clients. We have to perform for them or suffer the consequences and this absolute focus has helped us make a real impact on customers' experiences and positively influenced their growth and prosperity.

A name that you can trust

We believe that the world class customer service we deliver reflects on our partners. To your employees, their level of expectation when travelling on business is that their employer will take care of them in their hour of need. This expectation is fulfilled by your choice of partner and by choosing Allianz Global Assistance you are sending out a very clear message, that only the best will do.

Our long-term relationships with blue chip global partners bear testament to this. Quality of service to your employees is guaranteed as we provide dedicated in house operations tailored to your company's ethos and culture. We are able to deliver a solution that minimises bureaucracy and exceeds expectations.